Janne Hyytiä
Full stack developer, javascript enthusiast

Ten things about me

  1. I'm a finnish IT-enthusiast, born in the wake of 1980.
  2. I have always had a passion for computers and the digital world in one way or another. There have been moments in my life when I have tried to ignore the calling to IT industry, but destiny can not be evaded.
  3. I have always loved programming. I have been an amateur programmer for most of my life. During my life I have programmed in multiple languages, such as: Basic, C, java, Perl. Today my tool of choice is javascript, which is the language I have been using exclusively in recent projects (front- and backend).
  4. I read javascript and programming related news and articles on my way to and from work.
  5. I am independent, hard-working, diligent and adaptable.
  6. I have been an entrepreneur for 6 years, which tought me a lot about management, business world, PR, marketing and also working independently and taking responsibility.
  7. I develop myself professionally and personally. That is why I also like to get feedback.
  8. I am fluent in Finnish and English.
  9. I am a proud father of a young daughter.
  10. I love to eat sushi and play floorball, preferably not at the same time.

Professional skillset

Skill Expert Professional Skilled
Javascript x
Node.js x
HTML 5 x
Pixi.js x
jQuery, AngularJS x
Node.js x
Apache, Nginx x
MySQL, MongoDB, Firebase x
Linux, Windows x
Bootstrap x
UI / UX design x


Relevant work history

Company information
Frosmo is innovative e-commerce solution provider, that enables companies to react fast and efficiently to todays growing demands in the tightening and fierce competition.
My work
I program primarily javascript and PHP. Also participated in developing coding conventions in frosmo (using JSCS and constructing coding conventions, similar to other companies using JSCS). Also using git efficiently, general coding workflow in the company and communicating with team members are crucial.
Experience in
  • Javascript, PHP, Angular.js
  • Good coding conventions in javascript
  • Instructing others as a senior
Company information
Upcloud is innovative Finnish IaaS-provider startup and Sigmatic is top 3 Finnish webhosting provider.
My work
I worked for both companies, providing very challenging and technical customer service via phone and e-mail. Service varied from simple e-mail instructions to challenging support with customers hardware and virtual servers issues.
Experience in
  • Linux and Windows servers
  • Apache, Nginx
  • MySQL
  • PHP, Javascript
Company information
The biggest - and so far most successful - gaming center in Finland. Gaming center offered computers for customers to play games with.
My work
I co-founded and managed the game center, which left me with a wide range of duties. Managing the center taught me a lot about management, business world, PR, marketing and also working independently and taking responsibility. We had employees and trainees, which needed guidance and management. I was also responsible for the technical aspect of the gaming center.
Experience in technical aspects
  • Linux
  • Apache, MySQL, PHP, Samba
  • Windows desktop clients and various scripting in windows.
Experience through entrepreneurship
  • Marketing and advertisement
  • Managing workers and stock
  • Managing companys financial aspects
  • Hosting events
Company information
Software company that sold and maintained their own POS (point-of-sales) software, called REX. Software was specialized in specific commercial sectors, like clothing.
My work
My work involved a lot of varying assignments in the company, but I mostly operated the customer support via phone and on-site. I managed new installations on-site and maintained and solved the customers issues, that involvde software and hardware, usually with remote connection. I also managed some database-related operations, keeping our remote desktop connections up and running and managed a customers webshop that was integrated to the POS-system.
Experience in
  • Databases (FoxPro, MySQL)
  • windows desktop clients
  • PHP + HTML + Javascript
  • Managing routers for remote connections to clients.